Scaffolding furniture

Scaffolding furniture from own studio

We provide hand made furniture by reconstructing scaffolding boards therefore giving new life to old wood. The wood itself is Douglas Pine which has long fibers that do not splinter easily. All of the furniture is well sanded and has rounded corners. Please note that we would be more than happy to produce your own designs.

Design your perfect tent

You can personalise your stay, from candle light to lamp light, dinning at the dinner table or on the terrace, completing your evening by relaxing in the comfortable lounge area. Everything can be done just as you wish!

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High-quality safari tents with practical tips and advice for camping owners in France. Maximum return on investment from day one. The following colleagues suggested:

  • Place de la Famille
  • Camping la Chauderie
  • Les Fruits des passau
  • Les neuf Cerisiers
  • La Tuque
  • Camping Ebroasis
  • Villa Valmonte
  • Park Platus
  • Camping la Muse
  • Centre de loisirs de Lautaret
  • Ambiance
  • Domaine Audubert
  • Camping Chantemerle
  • Vallee de Lignac
  • Les Anes de Forcalquier
  • Bellegarde les Fleurs
  • Domaine en Birbes
  • Tentensuite
  • Greencamp
  • Vodatent
plattegrond safaritent M met houten frame en palen
plattegrond safaritent L met houten frame en palen
plattegrond safaritent XL met houten frame en palen